Jubilee for Healing of the World Raises Over $100k!

Earlier this year, the Moravian Church Board of World Mission, the Moravian Ministries Foundation, and other agencies came to us with an idea: to take our Debt Jubilee Project (designed to focus on local debts in NC) and broaden the focus — using the same model to raise funds to remove medical debt at our medical clinic in Honduras (which provides the only medical care on the east coast) and also other impoverished regions in the US where the Moravian Church has a presence.  So they issued a challenge to Moravian churches: to raise $50K in 50 days.  The end results far surpassed the goal!  Over $100,000 was contributed.

The Debt Jubilee Project: For the Healing of the World’s fundraiser is now officially complete, we are delighted to tell you the total raised: $102,424.47. Jubilee, indeed!

$76,818.35 will be used to relieve medical debt in the United States and $25,606.12 will relieve medical debt at the Ahuas Clinic in Honduras.
A reminder that debt relief in the U.S. will be administered through our partnership with RIP Medical Debt. We are currently working with them to finalize the purchase of medical debt for pennies on the dollar in counties with a Moravian ministry.
As soon as we know the total amount of debt relieved in each county where we can purchase debt, we will share that with you; it typically takes RIP Medical Debt a few weeks to complete this part of their work. However, we know the funds you contributed will be multiplied many times over in the final amount of debt relieved!
Again, thank you for your support of the Debt Jubilee Project: For the Healing of the World!

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