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We Need Your Help!

Are you in another area than central NC – and would like to support or start a campaign in your area?  The visit RIP Medical Debt to find a campaign in your area – or start your own campaign!

Churches, Synagogues, and Mosques

Partnering with Debt Jubilee Project is easy!  If your organization is in central NC, you can be part of the Debt Jubilee Project.  Your congregation can have a fundraiser, can take a special offering, or simply promote the campaign to members.  Simply contact us and we’ll send you information, print and web-ready logos (with your church name), and everything you’ll need to help your neighbors.  Please send us a digital copy of your logo, so that we can add it here! We can even provide a special page for your organization on our site if you wish.  If you need a guest speaker to explain the program to your congregation, we’ll be glad to help with that as well.


We encourage civic organizations, fraternities and sororities, and other organizations to partner with us to help raise the $15,000+ that will be needed to wipe out the unpaid medical debts in central NC.  It’s not hard – just reach out to us and we’ll bring your organization on board as a co-sponsor.


If you are an individual that wants to make a special donation (for instance, a matching challenge) get in touch and we will set that up.

Grant Making Organizations

We are working with some grant making organizations to organize grants for matching challenges.  If your organization would like to help, get in touch with us.


If your group would like to have a speaker to talk about medical debt and how it can be relieved, let us know and we will arrange for Reverend John Jackman to speak.