"Targeting Wake" Christmas Campaign Aids 2,973 Familes

Our Christmas campaign sought to raise $20,000 -- but ended up raising $43,169! We partnered with Raleigh Moravian Church, The Table Moravian Church, Fries Memorial Moravian Church, and the Men’s Fellowship of Ardmore United Methodist Church. Many individual donors from all over the state helped push us over the 200% mark. We were aided by a surprise front-page column by Scott Sexton, Aiming High At A Pile of Debt on Dec 31.

Our campaign ended up purchasing $6,560,412 in medical debt, aiding 2,973 families in Wake County.  Those households have received a letter certifying that their medical debt is abolished.


in NC Medical Debts Forgiven!

10,195 NC Families Aided

Debt Jubilee Project campaigns have collectively relieved crushing medical debt for 10,195 households across 12 NC counties.

Forgiving Medical Debt

Trinity Moravian Church is partnering with Undue Medical Debt to purchase and forgive medical debt in our area.

Our first project in 2022 was able purchase — and forgive —  $1,165,796.61 in medical debts in Forsyth and Davidson counties, assisting a total of 1,356 real Triad families.   Our second campaign completed on January 31st, 2023, and was able to purchase $3,295,863.64 in medical debts.  We were able to help 3,133 families in Davidson county, 155 families in Davie county, and 67 families in Yadkin county.  Our third campaign focused on Yadkin, Surry, Stokes, Randolph, Allegehany, Davie, Guilford, Wilkes, Forsyth ,and Rockingham counties.  We were able to help 2,511 families by forgiving $3.6 million in debt.  Our fourth campaign targeted Wake County, purchasing $6,560,412 in medical debt, and aiding 2,973 families.

How can we do this?  Medical debt is often sold off to a secondary market for pennies on the dollar.  Undue Medical Debt has created a visionary system where they intervene and buy that hard-to-collect debt for a penny on the dollar.

1 in 4 Americans owes medical debt that cannot be immediately paid.  More than half the personal bankruptcies in the US are due to medical debt.  The US is the only industrialized nation where an illness can reduce a family to poverty.  Until recently, medical debt was included in credit reports, crippling families’ ability to rent an apartment or buy a car.  Families working paycheck-to-paycheck who were “making it” before are driven into poverty by an illness or an accident, and the subsequent medical debt.