Month: March 2023

Medical Debts Burning!

Medical Debts Burning!

On Sunday, March 26, we will symbolically burn a list of $3.3 million in medical debts for families in Davidson, Davie, and Yadkin counties.  The Debt Jubilee Project has bid and purchased the medical debts of 3,355 area families so that we could forgive the debt.

During the 11 am service, we will have a ceremony where we burn the listings of the purchased debts, which have already been wiped clean.  Families have received official letters in the mail indicating that their owed medical debt has been forgiven, and can no longer be collected.  The service is open to all, as we celebrate this radical act of God’s Jubilee.

The idea is based on the Biblical Year of Jubilee, described in Leviticus 25, where all debts are forgiven and slaves are freed.  We believe that our society needs Jubilee, and we are doing what we can to make it happen.

11:00 am
March 26, 2023
Trinity Moravian Church
220 East Sprague Street
Winston-Salem NC 27127


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